Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hump Day Hook

Hello, welcome to another HDH. Hope everyone is doing great and that you enjoy a little something from Silent Tears.


Cam dipped her head back to wet her hair. She actually moaned at how good it felt. Closing her eyes she let the water cascade over her body. When strong hands caressed her ribs, she smiled. She opened her eyes and took in the sight of him. Even though she stood at five feet ten inches, she had to crane her neck to peer up at him. The muscles in his shoulders and arms were long and rounded. His pectorals were broad and twitched when she placed her hand over his heart. His abdominal muscles were firm and formed the perfect six pack. What she found absolutely mouthwatering was the perfect V his muscles formed at his pelvis.

I hope you enjoyed the little visual I gave you of Brax. He's really yummy...I'm just sayin. You know, if you wanted to go grab a copy. It's on Amazon and B&N! Anyhooo...I'm off the have a girls day with my lovely sister in law and niece. Have a good one!

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hump Day Hook

Hello! So, so sorry I didn't participate last week. I was busy and sick at the same time. It was awful! Anyhooooo, here I am with a hook from Gravity Beach. Gravity Beach is book 2 in my Courage Series. We first met Jolie in Courageous Dare.


Jolie sat down after her long day of organizing her new home. She tugged one of the last boxes onto her lap and ran her thumb over the lid. Her heart began an insistent pace and Jolie swallowed past the bitter grip of grief. She flipped the lid back and stared brokenly at the contents. Baseball caps, old, faded t-shirts, photo’s that held perfect still moments that Jolie would never need a picture to remember. The box was full-to-the-brim with Ethan, even his smell filtered from within. Great gasping sobs left her as she slammed the box closed and shoved it under her bed. Her heart pounded in her chest, and panic bubbled its way up until she cried out in agony.

I know, I know, I like the dramatic stuff! It's how I roll.
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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Hump Day Hook!

Hey peeps! I love doing this because I get to not only post my upcoming releases, but I get to read some amazing stuff I may never have gotten to see before. Anyhoo...this week I give you a little Gravity Beach. We first met Jolie in my book Courageous Dare *insert shameless plug* so if you haven't read that one and you like what you see here, I would recommend it! Get your tissues though cause Dare is a toughy! Okay, onto Gravity Beach. Not only am I showing you part of the book, but I'm also revealing the cover which I did all by myself!

Please note this has not gone into editing yet so forgive any mistakes!


He had no choice but to do as Jolie said. Liam kicked away from the pier and started swimming toward the shore with Madison in tow. As Jolie started to swim out from under the pier, another wave slammed into her. She had nothing left. Jolie got tossed around and the last thing she felt was absolute panic as her lungs filled with water and her head slammed against the wooden beams. That was when everything started to fade away.

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