Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hump Day Hook Oct. 8th

Hello again! Look, this week I'm on time. I'm so excited to finally be writing again and I'm even more excited to get back into this YA I've been working on for...I don't know, like a year. I think I finally FINALLY know where I want it to go. So, here you go. Oh and BTW, the heroine's name has been changed in case you were wondering why it seems like a different person.

“Reece?” she shouted, but her voice sounded like she was shouting through a tunnel.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a flash of red. When she turned, she saw a red balloon. The bright color stood out starkly against the black and gray smoke. It bobbed along the side of a funnel cake stand before drifting up into tree. Harper ran that way even though she wanted to scream from the pain. Her muscles shook and something wet was on her face, but she kept going. The smoke choked her and burned her eyes. The crowd had thinned now, but she wished it hadn’t. There, ten feet away from her, Harper saw two little feet sticking out from under several bodies. Some of them were moving, but others weren’t. The feet were covered with two different colored shoes. One purple and one yellow.

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  1. Oh, creepy! I'm worried about the shoes really, nobody normal wears mismatched shoes.... I wonder if it's a scary clown.